What is Cookie Jough?

Remember Nonna’s home-baked cookies? Cookie Jough makes the dough like she made, using old family recipes with the finest ingredient, so you can make cookies that bring back memories of your childhood.

With Cookie Jough, the dough arrives frozen and you bake them fresh! We make the mess so you can bake wonderful family memories!

Cookies are a wonderful treat and the smell of fresh baked cookies is a warm welcome in any home. Not just everyday cookies, but cookies like your Nonna use to make. Cookie Jough cookies are based on old Italian family recipes that will bring you back to the smells and tastes of your own childhood.

Yes, it takes time to prepare fresh baked cookies, but with Cookie Jough, we take the time to make the cookie dough, using the same ingredients that you would use at home. The dough will arrive frozen so you can bake them fresh! The dough comes complete with everything you will need to make cookies like you remember!

Wouldn’t you like to spend quality time as a family and bake the memories you will all treasure for a lifetime!

Interested in ordering Cookie Jough?

We will have prepared dough for six different cookie ready to ship in December (just in time for your Holiday baking).

You will be able to order: